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Seattle Collaborative Divorce
There is a better way.

How does a Collaborative Divorce work?

Collaborative divorce uses informal discussions and non-confrontational conferences attended by both spouses and their attorneys to resolve all issues.  It requires a firm commitment by both spouses.  It requires that they provide all relevant documents and information relating to the issues needing resolution.

Experts that work FOR you NOT against you.

The collaborative divorce process also encourages the use of jointly retained experts where specialized knowledge or expertise is necessary to resolve certain issues.  Both spouses and attorneys are required to work together towards a shared resolution that recognizes the rights and accommodates the needs of each spouse and any children.

If for any reason either spouse decides to go to court, both parties must release their collaborative attorneys and hire new counsel for litigation.

Caring and compassionate attorneys looking for solutions NOT a fight.

Our collaborative divorce practice is probably best described by the words caring and compassionate. By employing a team of trained professionals, we are able provide the benefits of attorney assistance while avoiding the negative environment of litigation, and its often devastating consequences.

Our focus is on constructive problem solving rather than finger pointing, adversarial bargaining or artificial court posturing. Our primary goals are to maximize settlement options for the spouses and their children, and to minimize or eliminate the negative economic, social, psychological, and emotional consequences of litigation.


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