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Seattle Collaborative Divorce Law Firm

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What are the advantages of a Washington State Collaborative Divorce?

The most important advantage in choosing a collaborative divorce is that you and your spouse keep control of lives and your family.  You and your spouse make all of the critical decisions regarding your divorce together.  By utilizing a team of trained professionals, you are able to make what may be the most important decisions of your life in a safe and positive environment.

Equally importantly, you keep you and your family out of court.  Additionally, unlike traditional divorce litigation, the collaborative divorce process is specifically tailored to the needs of you, your spouse, and, perhaps most importantly, your children.  It is designed to create and foster an open and honest dialog where difficult problems can be resolved fairly and without conflict.  The cornerstone of the process is respect.

Within this dynamic environment, all power imbalances are equalized because each side has equal support, and negotiations are conducted openly with all participants present.  There is no hiding the ball or trying to pull one over on the other party.  The scorched earth policy so prevalent in most litigated divorces is not only forbidden but locked in a box and thrown into Puget Sound.

Attorney-counselor guidance and assistance, however, is always available to provide advice and information throughout the process. Additional expertise and assistance from financial advisers, accountants, therapists, actuaries, appraisers, and anyone else with special expertise necessary to assist the parties is brought in as well.

Another cornerstone of the collaborative divorce process is the open exchange of information. All participants commit to providing a full disclosure of any and all relevant information.  This commitment requires that the information provided be complete and accurate and include and necessary documents. 

The collaborative divorce process also requires that no party to take advantage of any miscalculations or inadvertent mistakes of the other.

The experts and consultants that are retained are done so jointly.  This conserves costs and provides unbiased opinions or evaluations.


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